A Little Bit of Journalism

by 38 Concordia graduate diploma students


Congrats Dips! What an interesting year it has been. I hope you continue to post your work on this blog even when you’re off working and doing amazing things. Post links here so we can all see what you’re doing in TV, Radio, Print and Online.

Good luck in all your endeavours! I’m sure we’ll be seeing and your names and faces in media all over the world.


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Interview with Ian Walker, Mariposa Farm

This is a short interview/doc with Ian Walker, co-owner of the Mariposa Farm near Ottawa. He discusses topics such as foie gras production, animal-rights activists and small-scale, family farming.

Interview by Helen Savage

Camera by François Nadeau and Heather Stilwell

Editing by François Nadeau

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100 Best Blogs for Journalism Students

Here is the link to a list of Blogs that might be intriguing/useful, and not only for journalism students!


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Hello world!

Print, Radio, TV, we do it all and will shortly start posting/uploading etc. our work from our studies.

We find interesting stories and tell them in interesting ways!

Be excited! 🙂

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