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by 38 Concordia graduate diploma students


Congrats Dips! What an interesting year it has been. I hope you continue to post your work on this blog even when you’re off working and doing amazing things. Post links here so we can all see what you’re doing in TV, Radio, Print and Online.

Good luck in all your endeavours! I’m sure we’ll be seeing and your names and faces in media all over the world.


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The Ultimate Donation

My last assignment for my TV class. We had to do a report on the theme of death. I went up to McGill’s Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry building to talk to some students and a professor about the program of donating your body to science. What it’s all about and what it’s like being a first year medical student working on these donated bodies.

This is also posted on my blog.

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A lecture on love

For an assignment for my TV class in Journalism school we had to put together a package on love. I happened upon a facebook event that said Rabbi Yisroel Bernath was giving a lecture on love at the Chabad house in NDG, Montreal. So I went.

Please ignore my bridge in the middle, I prefer doing voice overs to being on camera myself!!

This is also posted on my blog.

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Bowling for Miracles

I had to put together a TV package on the theme of miracles. A friend of mine was putting together a great fundraiser and I thought, what’s more miraculous than babies who survive even when they’re born super early or who for some reason don’t seem like they’re going to make it?

This is also posted on my blog.

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Waiting for the Miracle

Brother Andre, the founder of Montreal’s iconic St. Joseph’s Oratory, will be canonized in October, 2010. The announcement comes at a time that Montrealers are redefining their cultural and spiritual identity. So what does the city’s first saint mean? This documentary looks at the phenomenon of Brother Andre through the eyes of a contemporary atheist.

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Interview with Ian Walker, Mariposa Farm

This is a short interview/doc with Ian Walker, co-owner of the Mariposa Farm near Ottawa. He discusses topics such as foie gras production, animal-rights activists and small-scale, family farming.

Interview by Helen Savage

Camera by François Nadeau and Heather Stilwell

Editing by François Nadeau

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Moonshine: under the radar

A radio documentary about modern moonshining in Canada.

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Sailing Free

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A radio documentary about Paula Stone and the AQVA – L’Association quebecoise de voile adaptee – recorded on location at the Point Claire Yacht Club in Montreal

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The Soldier’s Perspective

This is my radio documentary on the experiences of three Canadian soldiers who went to Afghanistan at least once. There are some edits I’d like to fix, maybe on a rainy day when I have time!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Season’s End…

This is a short documentary/report that Steven and I made about the Concordia Stingers baseball team. Produced by CUTV (Concordia University Television)

Part 1

Part 2

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